Happiest baby on the block, that’s who he is!


  • Moving! The progress is glacial, but Clyde started army crawling around this month.  It started with belly circles, then he could get from here to there.  He gets up on his hands and knees to rock, but not to hand and knee crawl yet.
  • Consonants.  The vowel-only language morphed seemingly over night from aaa, ooohhh to Da! Ma! Ba!
  • Cognitive Dissidence.  All this development did not sit well with his neurological path and the week after crawling and talking was a tough one.  He’s already coming out the other side of it and back to being a pretty chilled kid.
  • Sleep, glorious sleep. This month Clyde started regularly sleeping through the night. Whew!
  • Chowing Down.  Clyde does love to eat and is now enjoying three regular meals at breakfast, lunch and late afternoon snack time.  He misses out on dinner because he still goes to bed at 5:30pm.  Favorite foods are definitely fruits, with local colorado peaches being at the top of that list.  He also loves sandwiches and fig newtons (the healthy ones).
  • Clee! Hazel named him again, and we most often refer to our little man as Clee.  For this month at least.
  • And…no teeth, but lots of drool…still a redhead, and got a haircut this month too…I stopped cloth diapers, something had to give (and I’m choosing the environment????!)…he still has the best smile on the planet…so much love for and from his siblings.

He’s big, he’s happy, and we love him!


Here’s whats up with our little ClydeO:

  • FOOOOOODDDD!  The moment Hazel and Miles were waiting for.  The day he turned 5 months he was in the high chair and chowing down.  He took to food like a fish to water, feeds himself (Baby Led Weaning is the fancy word, we call it Feed Yo Self around here).  Loves everything, except soft pureed foods like applesauce and yogurt.
  • Clee!  A new name comes along.  Our Mr B, ClydeO, Kelidescope is most commonly known as Clee within the posse.
  • InTENSE.  Clyde is a happy dude, intensely happy.  The biggest smile he can muster.  Or he is completely losing it (usually if he doesn’t see me around.  Separation anxiety at a maximum).  North Pole or South.  Luckily he is mostly up.
  • Travel dude.  We’ve done some traveling this month, and Clyde did remarkably well just going with the flow on all the skipped and pushed bedtimes.  He’s a good little traveler (even though he doesn’t sleep on planes !!?!)
  • Hand to Mouth/Face.  Clyde loves exploring the faces and moving mouths of those who hold him.
  • Spa Baby.  This month I took Clyde to a baby massage clinic held in a friend’s home.  He cracked us all up by totally blissing out and saying “aahhhhh” for the whole hour of massage.  He loved it!
  • Still Tiny.  The banana baby trend continues.  27″ long and 15#10 at 6 month check up (85th and 10th %ile respectively).  There are worse things than having the 6 month old who needs to be carried everywhere be on the tiny side.  Plus, he’s my baby!  And needs to stay little forever!  Or at least a little while.

Our Fourth of July week started with a visit from our friends Laura and Ryder from Seattle.  We had a great time hanging out (without the husbands).  ClydeO and RydeO will hopefully grow up to be as good of friends as their mommas!


On the actual day, we spent time first with Wally and Garrett and paraded the neighborhood.  The afternoon was spent (with Tim’s behind the lens, as is apparent) at Miles’ buddy Liam’s house.  There was a combine harvester and a bonfire!

On the fifth, we made our first family overnight trip into the mountains, again to visit our friends Will, Rebecca and Ryder.  We were at 10k feet and loved it!


These days, you rarely see Hazel without her owl.  In her other hand, she has the tales and adventures of Scattery Snake.  Sometime in May, she became obsessed with writing and started this little “Buc” (which is totally how I would spell book if I were four and had a decent handle on phonics).

Without further ado, I present Scattery Snake:




  • Hands to feet.  We’re starting to see a progression. Hands to hands, feet to feet, now Clyde is rocking the happy baby pose as his chill out position.
  • Happy Baby. He’s not just a poser, Clyde is one of the happiest guys on the block (except when he’s not).  His smile lights up a room, and he has one for just about everyone.  Miles commented: “I am going to pull all the teeth out of my mouth so I can have a smile as great as Clyde’s”
  • Sleep! Finally, a routine we can work with.  Clyde transitioned to 2 naps a day, goes to bed for the night at 5:30, wakes once at 3 and is up for the day around 6ish. and most excitingly is going to sleep so easily at all these times. Whew.
  • Excited for food. Clyde’s big blue eyes are glued to any fork, spoon or cup that moves from table to mouth.  He can’t wait to get going, and is practicing by putting everything into his mouth already.
  • On the belly & back again. Gross motor update, Clyde can easily go from back to belly and back again.  He pushes WAY up on his hands and checks out the world.
  • Clyde O my Clyde O in the deep blue sea. Will you come with me.  In the deep blue sea.  Clyde O my Clyde O.  His favorite song, which is often greeted with a big smile if he’s in a good mood, or a tiny one with stopping crying if he’s not.
  • So much LOVE. Having a baby is hard, even a happy one.  But the love that is pouring out of every member of this family for this tiny man makes it all worthwhile.