IMG_7853Finishing the Summer a new man.

  • Stringing it together.  Clyde finishes out this summer a different kid!  Majorly, he is talking in sentences, stringing words together. Open Mine Pls… So so so much fun!
  • Clyde O.  This was Clyde’s first long standing nickname, and it is now the name he calls himself.  If he wants some, he will follow you saying “Clyde-O, Clyde-O!”  The answer to “who want’s some??” is definitely still “NAH!” by all kids.
  • Help you.  Another fun language nugget.  If Clyde needs help, he will bring you the problem and ask “help you Clyde-O” (instead of Help me).  He also asks to help with the words “help you” (vacuuming is his favorite).
  • Running!  And Bumping!  Clyde walked for a long time before he attempted to run, but he is now off!  He practices jumping too, announcing – big big bump!, but usually only one foot leaves the ground at a time.
  • Teething, again.  The glacial eye teeth have begun their descent, and it’s not the most fun ever.  8 more to go.  Almost there.
  • Favorite things: Trains, planes, trucks, diggers, rocks, balls, playgrounds, Hazel (Hay Ho), bananas, momma.  Sounds just like a 20 month old.




This was a month on the road and Clyde Rocked it!

  • Woah!  Airplane in the sky – woah! Two dogs on the street – woah! Car drives by – woah! If he wants your attention on something, Clyde has figured out how to get it.
  • Boat! Skiing, skiing.  Two weeks in MI and this kid is in love with water sports.  This month he got to ride many ferry boats, but what he really loves is a speed boat.  He will tack on “eee-ing, eee-ing” to let you know what he really wants to do behind that boat.
  • The Land of Make-believe.  This month Clyde finally got what it means to pretend.  Eat that strawberry off the page, don’t mind if I do! I’ll have that hungry caterpillar too while I’m at it!  Pretty fun to witness his sense of imagination and humor.
  • Camp Champ & Road King.  As I mentioned, it was a travel filled month.  Clyde rocked it, in friend’s houses, tents and especially in the car.  3300 miles on this trip and I don’t think he screamed for more than 15 minutes combined. Amazing.
  • Sccccoooooopppp, working man.  Our house project started this month.  It began with a big digger scooping up the yard.  Way too exciting to nap when that is going on right outside.  After naps, Clyde gets to work driving his own machines around the front yard.

IMG_7493 (1)

Another half a year — boom!

  • Words, words, words.  It happened the morning after we landed in Michigan.  Clyde was having breakfast.  I prompted “say hi to Jake”. Clyde: “Hi Jake”.  And from there he was off!  That meal included “tea” “Bob-Bob” and “chicken” and each day he added about 20 words to his vocabulary.  We have a talker!
  • Tall and Not so Skinny. Whew!  After months in the string bean category, Clyde clocked in at 90th %ile in height and 75th %ile in weight.  He must be eating something!
  • But not at dinner.  Clyde is kind of a picky dude.  He loves his breakfast food, but not much else.  He consumes 80% of the day’s calories before 10am.  Seems to be working for him.
  • One of the Big Kids.  Maybe it’s the 1 and a half age, or the height, but he is really one of the dudes right now.  At 4th of July, he climbed aboard a trike like it ain’t no thing, even though he couldn’t reach the pedals.
  • Boom Rock, lefty or righty?  Clyde loves him some ball, but what he really loves is to throw (boom) rocks into the water.  Good thing we were at the lake for 2 weeks!  Heaven!  Thing is, he is more likely to grab the rock with his right and fling it, but if the rock is placed in his left, he can really throw it.  Properly.  Jury is still out on handed-ness.



Our Little Mansy is coming into his own.

  • Helicopter!  Anything flying in the air is most marvelously interesting and is definitely a helicopter.  Sounds like “Hi Da Da”, pointing up.
  • Uh-Oh.  All the time.
  • Ball!  Any time.
  • So Big.  I can’t get over how big Clyde is looking.  When I pick him up from his crib, when he’s following the big kids around, just massive!
  • Sun Safe.  One thing this dude loves to do is put on sunscreen (or lotion, or anything white which disappears after he rubs it into his skin).  He will ask by holding out his arm and rubbing along it.  This is a much better situation than him hating the application!
  • Singing his song.  When Clyde gets tired he starts to hum to himself (self soothing lullaby?)
  • Daily Bone.  Somehow this is the nickname Hazel came up with this month.  Even I am calling him Bonesy.  Hope this one flitters away soon…


1.3333333 years old.

  • Na!  Usually proclaimed after his siblings reply to a question “who is hungry?” and shouted with both hands raised.  Touchdown!  Me!
  • BaBall (Baseball).  Clyde is baseball crazy!  He’ll make a tee out of anything and hit a ball off it with any bat like object. (i.e. Cone, snowball, stick = baseball) (yes, there was enough snow this month to do that)
  • Choo Choo.  Oh trains.  Could there be anything better for a little boy?
  • More Stories. He is way into books, and started asking for more (by sign language) after each one at sleep time.  Stall tactic or just a bonafide bookworm?
  • Shoes!  Following with the trend of following directions, Clyde can now go to the basket where his shoes are, find a matching pair and sit down to attempt to put them on.  Working on getting the right and left worked out…  Also, hat.  Clyde is often walking around with one of the kid’s baseball caps on, throwing a ball.
  • Growing.  All 4 molars are in now, and I’m worried that the two teeth next to his bottom middles will not emerge (Stelzer genes) as they are way out of order.  His hair is growing in nicely too, with patches of tow-white coming in under the strawberry blonde.  It’s a fascinating blend.
  • Booda-boo.  Tim’s name for Clyde this month.


The Golden Boy gets the Golden Egg.  He calls it a ball.

  • Ball!  This boy is crazy about playing ball.  Helps that it’s little league season, our house and yard is full of balls, and many things can be mistaken for ball (see above).  Throwing, kicking, chasing, hitting.  He is on it.
  • He skis.  Last month walking, this month skiing.  His reaction? More, more (in sign language.
  • Cheese, Turtle, Ball, Hi.  The spoken vocab grows.
  • Follows directions.  Holy cow to have a child who can follow directions.  This is a whole new game and may be the biggest development this month.  Sit down and put your shoes on. He does his best. Put that down. It’s down.  Amazing!
  • Hi, dada.  Hi, ClydeO.  Maybe the sweetest thing ever.  In a sing song voice “Hi dada”, the return “Hi ClydeO”, repeat.  Wish I had an audio of this exchange, but it was fleeting and I missed it.
  • Hi! Connection. Clyde does like to say HI.  Even to strangers.  Like the lady behind us in line at the grocery, he will repeat ‘hi’ and crane to get in her line of sight until his connection is made and the ‘hi’ reciprocated.  Social being.
  • Finally mama. Or me?  Clyde said Mama!  I think he was referring to himself though.
  • Hat! & Scooter.  We got ClydeO a helmet and Hazel and Miles rushed to get him onto his scooter.  He loves it.
  • Feet first on your belly.  Another weight off a momma’s mind, Clyde can get down safely from most heights – the top of the stairs, the play structure, the bed.  Whew.
  • Another Mother.  I hesitate to put this on my baby girl, but Hazel is so instrumental in the rearing of this child that I must give her props.  Hazel is with Clyde most of his waking hours, patiently and persistently showing him the way of the world.  The way she talks to him is priceless; she is priceless.


It’s on!  We’ve got a tiny walking human on our hands.

  • He Walks! First he stood.  Then very shortly afterwards, he walked.  Toward a ball.  Perhaps we have a serious baller on our hands!
  • True Communication.  The signs are pouring in (we youtube one a day it seems, and the whole family picks it up), and Clyde added grunts to his vocab to let us know what he’s thinking.  My favorite is when he grunts a request for approval, like a question.  He really gets it.
  • One of the Big Kids.  Walking, balling and then, viola!, he’s one of the big kids.
  • Choo Woof Roar Bbbbrrroom.  Clyde sneezed.  I said “Sneeze Dog!”.  He woofed.  All other animals roar.  Trains choo, all other vehicles go bbbrrooom!
  • Toilet Mansy.  Hoping his indicates that Clyde will potty train early.  He is obsessed with the toilet, and had his hands and head in the bowl every time we turn our back.
  • Mama?  Will he ever say mama?
  • Blueberries & Meat.  Blueberries became a clear favorite food this month (I guess they were in season in Chile…we ate tons).  We learned the sign for blueberry and he learned it instantly and pulled it out every time the fridge opened.  Also, Clyde finally ate some meat and enjoyed it.
  • Buddha.  My B name for ClydeO is born.  I have my Bugsy and my Babe, and now we have the Buddha.  It’s a funny name for a tall skinny kid.  But he rocks it!