Tim and I might have come up with a name for our baby! How does Ivy sound? P. Ivy specifically?

It would be in homage to the horrible case of poison ivy we both contracted somewhere a few weekends ago. That ‘somewhere’ was probably our yard, but we aren’t sure. Tim’s case was debilitating, went systemic and was described by the doctor as “the worst case she had ever seen”. Well, a mighty dose of Prednisone took care of that in a couple days (just in time for our New York trip!). Mine started small just to the right of my navel (poor baby!) and spread to cover the whole right side of my belly and hip, both forearms, left hand, right thigh and left calf. Seriously, where is this stuff!??! I could not take steroids, and reminded Tim of this often. BB got a lot of love in this time, rubbing creams on my belly, scrubbing with Zanfel or Burt’s Bee’s poison ivy soap.

Luckily, we are both back to (almost) normal and can resume work in our yard. Everything is gone now, we pulled it all out, so hopefully we can avoid the p. ivy in the future!