The poison ivy comes, goes and… comes back!??! I noticed some red bumps coming up on the new skin that replaced the blisters. Then more bumps. Then itching. Then bumps and itching where I never had p. ivy. Oh, no! Did I get into it again? A few nights waking up and reaching for the Gold Bond and I finally went to the doctor. His diagnosis: Systemic Dermatitis. Not the original p. ivy but just my body attacking my skin randomly. Nothing a course of steroids wouldn’t clear up. “But we can’t give you that.” I ended up with a steroid cream that won’t harm the baby. Last night I still needed a dose of the menthol laden Gold Bond to get back to sleep, but I am optimistic for the nights to come.

On a happy note, yesterday while I sat in the doctor’s office waiting for my prescription, I was leaning back on the paper covered bed marveling at my belly in which little blueberry was apparently playing racquetball. Then I saw a little lump push out on the right side, then the left side. I could see the baby moving from the outside! Pretty exciting! Later in the day, as we were sitting in birthing class, I told Tim to watch. Again, the movement was totally obvious from the outside. Guess the little one is getting bigger & stronger. 🙂