This is the last official week of my second trimester. Fall is here, bringing deep blue skies and cooler temperatures. The back-bending work of our landscaping project is over. People smile at pregnant ladies, and I am loving the attention. In all, life is good and I am looking forward to the weekend!

This week in pregnancy land…
The vivid dreams continue. Before there were lots of murdering dreams, where I was killing people! A friend suggested I was raring my mamma-bear instinct to protect my young. Luckily I haven’t had one of those in a while. This week I had at least two vivid dreams. During one, I gave birth to a baby boy and was so tired after delivery that I was unable to respond when they asked for the name. Tim provided a name, one I did not approve of! Ugh! During the other I was taken away to procreate for an extreme religious sect. No thank you!

My brain is shrinking. Yesterday, I was rushing out the door to work. I put on my coat, stuffed my bag with all the things I need for our Bradley class, grabbed a coupon for dinner, went out the door and locked it. Driving down the freeway on the way to work, I realized, “Hey, where’s my coat?” I did not have it. I wasn’t wearing it. I spent the day wondering where it was until I got home and found it discarded on a chair. I was just glad it wasn’t my pants.