This week marks the start of the 3rd trimester, and Tuesday was the 3 month mark until my due date! Tim said I don’t look like a poser any more at our birthing class (i.e. I am getting big!) and I think I have about 2 weeks before I need help tying my shoes. I think that is just an excuse to look for new shoes without shoestrings. I also did a gestational diabetes test this week on Monday. Basically that entailed drinking something that would cause my blood sugar to spike, then taking blood an hour later to make sure it went back down. A lot of people complain the drink is nasty, but to me it tasted like Fanta. Which made me wonder what Fanta does to your blood sugar level. They haven’t called with any results yet, which I am taking as a good thing. The baby is still super active, and I wonder during meetings if my heaving belly is distracting to anyone besides me?

On the slightly bad side, I am worried about a reoccurrence of the first trimester gagfest. Just generally feeling yucky, and having to run to the bathroom while rinsing dishes for the dishwasher (chores make me queasy!), I hope this is temporary. On the one hand, it might help me avoid surpassing Tim’s weight – he’s lost 6 lbs in the past 6 weeks! I think it might have to do with his Ironman training… But still, I have put on at least that in the past 6 weeks and our weight chart is looking like the beginnings of an “X”. On the other hand, I was really liking the energy & great feelings I enjoyed these past two months or so. In any case, it can’t be as bad as the summer since the temps have cooled, and long pants and sweaters are the norm now. Well, maybe not the norm, but I can get away with it if the sun is down 🙂