November 2009

Sometime around the 28th week,  I stopped being able to run.  Round Ligament pain, or the strain on a ligament that stretches from 1″ to 6″ with the expanding uterus, sends shooting pain up the side of my belly if I try running.  I’ll just stick to fast walking and all the exercise I CAN do, including yoga, weight lifting, body pump, biking, etc.  until the baby arrives.

So my hopes of sweeping the maternity division at the Turkey Trot were dashed.  Mariel joined me in walking the entire 5 miles at a pretty good clip, bringing me in DEAD LAST out of 5 preggers in the timed division.  I personally think they should have accounted for how pregnant we were, since one girl did it in 8 min miles!  My ~14 minute pace also included taking nourishment in the form of chocolate sour cream donuts, and a stop in the parking garage to pee.  Now that’s how a maternity division race is run!


Last weekend, I went home and attended my first shower. First, ever. Wedding, baby, someone else’s, mine. It was fun. And it was for me! Well, technically I think it was for the baby, since he/she got more gifts than I did. In fact, I think all the gifts were for the baby. But that’s parenthood, I suppose. 🙂

Anyway, my mom threw it at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant in downtown Northville, and it was well attended by guests from 7 months to 80+ yrs, and everyone had a great time. I learned my 7 month belly is about the circumference of Karen’s bust, and that a baby seal is a cub (I swore it was a pup!). Back here in Austin, a few friends and my sisters are planning another shower. I think the ages attending this one will be a bit tighter , but it should still be fun.

Baby is doing well. Kicking a lot and sometimes waking me up at night. The nausea seems to have abated, which is nice. I am signed up for the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot – a 5 miler with a maternity division. I don’t think I am going to win that by any means, especially since I experience lower abdominal cramping sometimes, but I am planning out my costume for the event, which should be good. I’ve been really lucky and until this point have been able to run, do yoga, lift weights, and most of the stuff I could do before. It might be about time to start toning it down, though.