The end of the holidays usually leave me feeling a little let down, with nothing to look forward to in the bleak months of “winter”.  Not this year!  every passing day reminds me our baby is coming soon!  I was not so uncomfortable at the end of the break to spend hours on a huge project with Tim building and painting screens for our house.  The color is mixed berry.

Also, we pretty much have the nursery set up with furniture my parents brought down, the tree painted on the wall and one several hundred dollar shopping trip at

We made a little progress on names, but we’re still not telling 🙂

Still a few weeks of work to go, and I am planning to work as long as I can get up and go in.  So probably until I am in active labor!  Still going to yoga and working out, although I am definitely feeling more tired.  All this nesting, and I think we are starting to feel ready!