Day1: At home we get into bed, nurse and sleep for most of the day.  It had been an exhausting few days for all three of us.  Aunt Angel & Craig come by – our first visitors and Miles is not even one day old!  They bring pot roast & I am so grateful for the care calendar Angel set up which schedules visits for our friends to see Miles & bring dinner  for the next couple months.  Dad changes 1, 2, 3 meconium diapers.  I wake up and realize Miles hadn’t nursed in 6 hours – we really were tired! – and I can’t get him up.  I call the midwives and consult a few parenting books.  After getting Miles naked he comes to and feeds.  He’s up a few times in the night to eat, then back to bed.

Day 2: We tried to walk to the corner to watch the 1/2 marathon, but the start was delayed, so after 45 min with no runners, Miles and I head home for more time in bed.  We give Miles bath #2, for being born in the water, he really hates the bath!  We get Indian takeout from a friend.  It was supposed to be my birthday dinner, instead it was Miles’.  He’s up literally all night.  I’m exhausted.

Day 3: So tired.  And the baby is a little yellow.  But Tim and I go for a long slow walk, stopping in at Julio’s for Happy Hour.  Miles’ first outing!  Trying to sleep when the baby sleeps.  He’s a little squirmy worm, and can wiggle out of any swaddle, especially a momma swaddle.  Little Houdini.

Day 4: Midwife check up and Miles weighs 7lbs 0.5oz.  But we have Milk now, so that should change soon 🙂  Still a champion nurser, although sometime he doesn’t know what to do with all this milk and he dribbles it everywhere!

Day 5, 1/27: My Bday!  We talk about going to the movies, but instead hang out outside, getting a little sun for your pumpkin face.  Grill out for dinner and then to bed early.  Still tired, but getting sleep early in the evening helps.

Day 6: At first everything is so new, we recognize Miles is doing something because he stops doing it.  When we first came home and he was falling asleep, he would kind of start and flail his arms out.  Now he goes to sleep peacefully, and sleeps constantly.  Last night, up only twice.  He drinks fast and furious, then gets back to bed.  Nice for me!  Grandpa Wally stopped by on his way to Big Bend.

Day 7: Realize this is going by way too fast.  But it sure is fun. 🙂

Week 1 pics: