February 2010

…the Miles will play.  If you call hours of inconsolable crying playing.  Tim left Sunday for Malaysia, and Linda and I have been hanging out and taking care of Miles.  Each night, for a couple hours between 4-8, he cries.  He’s fed, changed, warm, dry, held, rocked, loved… yet he cries.  We consulted all the parenting books and this is normal, and it peaks in the 6th week (here we are).  I decided he is just mourning the womb, and let him cry.  We get him wrapped up in the Moby and walk him, which helps him to sleep.  Getting in the bath also helps (he now LOVES the bath – that’s my little water baby!).  I can say, he is sleeping quite well after these crying sessions.  Not a peep from this boy all night!   He’s still up every 2-3 hours to eat, but then back down easy peasy.  Linda is helping me sleep by holding Miles for several hours in the beginning of the night so I can konk out.  I heard this gets better… soon? hopefully?  Something fun for Tim when he gets home, I guess.


A month old already!  Miles is getting much more alert, and everyone comments on how strong his neck control is.  Getting fatter by the day, and adding chins, he still loves to eat.

We had a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Bolhouse.  We took some walks, watched the marathon, and had a BBQ.  On Valentine’s Day, they offered to let Tim and I have a date.  We opted to have them occupy (read: hold) Miles in the backyard while we slept.  Nap date!  Tim had a cold/flu thing – not fun.  No sign of Miles or I getting it.  We went out shopping and learned Miles HATES Costco.  Gets that from his dad, I guess.

Then we had meeting 1 of our Mommy Mornings at Doula Sarah’s!  This is a group for new mom’s.  There are 4 of us and we all have boys.  Its fun to meet other babies and share experiences with other mommies.

The Stelzer Clan showed up Wednesday, and we had a nice visit with Uncle G, Grandma Linda and Grandpa Wally.  Garrett spent a lot of time pushing the stroller with Miles,  working up to uncle of the year status.

More Month One Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stelzert/sets/72157623345907415/

Little Miles.  Not so little.  At his 2 week checkup, he weighed in at 8lb 15oz!  That baby loves his milk.  He eats, eats, eats… and I worried.  I think all moms worry.  This week Tim went back to work, and Miles and I spent some rainy days in bed.  We had play dates with Nico (son of Valeria) and Sophia (daughter of Camille).   Mostly you slept.

Most exciting – we picked up the stroller we got as a shower gift from all our Austin friends!  Its the BOB Revolution, and bright red-orange.  You’ll see me coming!  We aren’t running yet, but soon will be.  I heard once the baby has good head control, we can start going fast. Still it makes me feel mobile.  I took it out to pick up our veggies from the CSA, and saw another mom.  Stroller club!  I started talking and told her you were 3 weeks old.  She asked if I was the mother, then made me feel good by complimenting me on being out.  Family visiting for the next few weeks, then Tim’s trip to Malaysia.  Time flies.

It amazes me each morning that this little guy gets cuter and cuter, and that we sustained him another day.

Mariel visited this week, and we started going out.  We went to sushi lunch for Aunt May’s bday, Olive Garden on Friday and to visit our friend Nico Friday afternoon.  We attended a full moon party for baby Janson (son of one of Tim’s colleagues).  Miles pretty much slept the whole time.  He is so good and cute 🙂