Little Miles.  Not so little.  At his 2 week checkup, he weighed in at 8lb 15oz!  That baby loves his milk.  He eats, eats, eats… and I worried.  I think all moms worry.  This week Tim went back to work, and Miles and I spent some rainy days in bed.  We had play dates with Nico (son of Valeria) and Sophia (daughter of Camille).   Mostly you slept.

Most exciting – we picked up the stroller we got as a shower gift from all our Austin friends!  Its the BOB Revolution, and bright red-orange.  You’ll see me coming!  We aren’t running yet, but soon will be.  I heard once the baby has good head control, we can start going fast. Still it makes me feel mobile.  I took it out to pick up our veggies from the CSA, and saw another mom.  Stroller club!  I started talking and told her you were 3 weeks old.  She asked if I was the mother, then made me feel good by complimenting me on being out.  Family visiting for the next few weeks, then Tim’s trip to Malaysia.  Time flies.