Miles and I attended a postnatal yoga class yesterday morning.  There were sun salutations over baby, mini pushups motivated by baby kisses, and a singing circle time where I sang the most nursery rhymes in my history as momma.   The instructor also used the theme of transition for this class, citing the recent time change as inspiration for this theme.  It got me thinking, our lives are definitely in transition right now, getting used to having this little man around the house.   Transition might be understating the situation – we’ve been turned upside down.  Schedules barely exist for us right now, as we try different things to see what works.  As for the time change, my 8pm bedtime is barely dusk, reminding me of my childhood complaint – but MOM, its 8 o’clock in the afterNOON!  Miles is growing so fast, each day is a transition for him, with new tricks and body control (and weight) to deal with.  Tim is struggling with Miles teaching him to take the bottle instead of the breast to give me a little break.  Miles just doesn’t like it.  I don’t get it, its the same filling, just a different delivery method…  No wonder we’re all bone tired.

I’ve heard around 8 weeks, things start to “settle”.  And in a way, we have settled into a routine, just one so different from what we knew before, it feels like the ultimate transition.  What I learned in yoga though is that nothing matters other than this very moment, and to take it one moment at a time.

At this moment, Miles is protesting a dirty diaper, so I better go transition him out of that. 🙂