You all know I love to cook.  And eat.  For years I have been thinking and talking about starting a food blog.  Instead, when I finally got the time (thanks, maternity leave!) I got the motivation to start this family blog.  How could I write about cooking and food when I had this new fascinating subject to occupy my thoughts? Also, you can go anywhere to read a foodie deliberating recipes and food trends.  This is the only place you can come to learn about the goings on with Tim, Miles and me.

But I still love food.  And I still love to cook.  And eat.  And deliberate recipes and food trends.

So, I figured I would have my cake and eat it too.  While I have this blog, and an audience (you, thank you!), I might dabble in some food blogging.  Starting this week, you will see a post every now and again about what we are eating and cooking around here.  I will attach a category “family food” to each of the food-related posts so that if you are web 2.0 and want to filter them out of your RSS feed you are welcome to do so.  If you are experiencing this blog old-school by visiting our site, too bad.  You just might find yourself drooling on the keyboard.