Miles is 10 weeks old now, or is it 11?  It’s getting hard to remember, so I’ll just say he is 2 and a half months.  He is doing tons of smiling, and is very active with his arms and legs, especially in the morning.  We are still having a bit of crying in the evenings, but even that is getting better.  Austin spring is upon us, bringing beautiful flowers full of massive loads of pollen.  Miles has had a stuffy nose for the past week that started when we started opening the windows.  Poor guy, can a 2 and a half month old have allergies?  He is getting more and more vocal, and does a lot of cooing.  He is fascinated with fans, especially when they are spinning, and finally started paying attention to the mobile in his crib.  He will smile at that thing for a good 10 minutes, even if its right in the middle of a crying spell.  I guess that’s why they make mobiles for babies!

Frogman doesn’t mind being on the bathroom floor (good thing, how else is mom supposed to take a shower?):

We’ve been going on lots of walk dates.  My calendar is full!

Big feet and a big yawn.

And I guess there will be a day when he won’t be this tiny…