Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.  One extra outfit is apparently not enough for a 5 hour outing.  Luckily I was in the fitting room at Ross with Aunt May when #2 number two occurred, and I could run and spend $3 on a cute new Tiger suit.  I grabbed practically the first thing I saw in the 6mo section (we’ve got a big boy on our hands).

Warning: Do not go baby clothes shopping.  Everything is too cute and you will end up with too many things.  Thanks to gifts and hand me downs, this is the first time I went baby clothes shopping.  Dangerous!

Note: Miles does not really have the ghetto-est booty of any 2mo old.  That junk in the trunk is all thanks to his cloth diaper.  The aforementioned blowouts occurred while wearing disposables.  I thought they might be easier while we were out.  Ha!

And a couple shots of this guy during tummy time: