Everyone talks about how important exercise is when you are pregnant, and I was able to keep it up right until the end, attending a prenatal yoga class the day before I went into labor.  What I didn’t expect is how difficult it would be after having Miles, and how much I would crave it.

I stopped running completely at 28 weeks pregnant, not counting the mad dash I would sometimes make between the garage washing machine and the house during our frigid Austin winter.  I picked it back up over four months later, at 6 weeks postpartum, starting with a 10 minute dash around the neighborhood while Tim’s mom watched Miles.  I added time on my feet slowly, and experimented with running while pushing the stroller.  I’ve been back for 6 weeks now, and am running probably 10 miles a week, mostly sans stroller in the pre-dawn hours and sometimes with my old running group for a few miles as they graciously pick me up halfway through their 7-milers.  It burns, and I am sore afterward, but I love it.

I also spend a lot of time behind the stroller, strolling.  Miles and I walk everyday, I think it helps his demeanor to get out for some fresh air, sunshine and “exercise”. Some days, Miles will take all his naps in the stroller as I push him around, these are tired days for me because while he rests, I am not resting!  Meeting with other new moms to get out and push our babies around is a big part of my social life right now.  Much healthier than happy hour, I suppose.

So far new motherhood has meant a lot of time on my feet.  Which will help with that bridesmaid dress I got in the mail the other day.  Its just a leeeetle bit tight.  We’ve still got 6 weeks, and many miles to go.