Three months today.  Our baby boy is growing up!  This is the end of the proverbial fourth trimester.  These 13 weeks have passed slowly, maybe because I spent so much more of it awake than any other 13 week period in my life.  I tried to be mindful of watching Miles day by day, and enjoying the stage he is in at the moment.

Looking back, some things I will miss:

  • Miles sleeping peacefully on my chest.
  • Tiny little newborn sounds, including the cries – so quiet and adorable (Miles has found his voice in the past week – look out eardrums!)
  • Him curling up in my arms, back into the fetal position with his yogi legs.
  • Days just hanging out in bed: resting, nursing, staring at our little man.
  • The rooting reflex.  This was so unexpected and so adorable.  Little baby, big open mouth, head shaking, hoping to catch a milk spout out there.  Most times he started this, he would.
  • The performance anxiety.  Miles would be over the boob, mouth open, panting, head shaking and pushing away with his arms.  I am totally going to relay this story to his prom date 😉
  • Arms flailing while nursing.  This was especially funny while on skype with Tim, and all he can see is an arm waving around
  • Curling up with my own little heater the cold winter nights.

And some things that I won’t miss that much:

  • Getting only 3 hours of sleep at night
  • Pains of early breastfeeding – engorgement, sore nipples, leaking, worrying if Miles is eating enough
  • Thinking all the time Miles will spontaneously die
  • Daily “happy hour”, or mourning the womb sessions for hours each evening

It’s been a wild ride, I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next as Miles continues to grow, interact and figure out our crazy world.