It’s official.

I went into work last week and informed them I would not be returning at the end of my leave.  My boss was very supportive, and I feel I will maintain good relationships with the people I have worked with over the past 5 years at AMD.  I was nervous about taking this step, I have used the word “engineer” as a strong self-identifier for a long time.  Now, I will have to learn to identify with my SAHM status.  It was not an easy decision, but one that was made considerably easier by, one, having the cutest little man at home and, two, our other major plans coming up…

We are moving to Malaysia! Also now official (I saw the contract).  Our projected leave date is August 9 (~3 months!), and we will stay about one year.  The destination is Penang, a small island off the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula, a former British settlement with the best food in Asia, possibly the world!  Tim has been several times and has some great photos up on Flickr.

We are very excited about moving back to Asia, although we have a completely different perspective this time.  Miles has made us a bit more cautious.  Whereas we dove into Shanghai head first, with no expectation, no research, adrenaline pumping a motivation and excitement I had not and have not experienced at any other time in my life.  Now we tread slowly, reading up on healthcare (it’s excellent), expat living, neighborhoods, and mom’s groups.  I think our approach to each location mirrors the feel of the cities – Shanghai’s fast-paced, high-stress metropolis to Penang’s laid back, quiet island.  Of course, one thing doesn’t change; our biggest challenge is leaving friends and family behind, people who are only starting to get to know Miles.  So, as always, you are all invited and welcome to visit, crash in our guestroom, or meet up with us in Thailand (a 2-hour ferry away!!).   And I will keep up this blog, so you don’t miss us too too much, with all the Miles in Between.