Coming up with a baby name was not easy.  We looked in books, spent hours on baby name sites, kept a Google spreadsheet, and got nervous when 36 weeks rolled around without a name.  We had some rules:

  1. Cannot start or end with S
  2. Cannot end in -er
  3. No obvious nicknames
  4. Prefer 1 or 3 syllables
  5. Must be a real name/word
  6. No weird spelling

We did OK with these, only really broke #1 (Miles) and #2 (Dexter).  And we didn’t realize how many nicknames there could possibly be (Milo, MiloDex, Milomania, Miles Piles (pudding and pie), MP, Member of Parliment, Master P, Tiny, Baby Bug, Bugaboo, Sugar Bean, Baby Miles, Tiny Baby M, Piley, etc, etc).  Some people want to know how we came up with the name, so here goes:

The first name, Miles, was not on our extensive Google spreadsheet.  One day in early January, we were talking and Tim said, How about Miles?  I replied, I love Miles.  And that was it.  We liked how it was simple, not too common (only one I knew was Rose’s boyfriend on The Golden Girls, and then there’s Miles Davis) and as a word represented some major things in our life: running and traveling.  Easy – we were going with Miles.

From Left: Tim, Garrett, Ethan, Dexter

For the middle name, we wanted to use a family name, and decided on Dexter, honoring Tim’s maternal grandfather.  Dexter Benjamin Stein was born in 1921 and grew up in New York City (Manhattan and the Bronx).  As a child, he was known amongst his ball-playing friends as “Tommy”; Dexter was considered a strange name in that time.  He declined a third baseman minor league baseball contract before moving to DC for work.  He enlisted in the Coast Guard and shipped off to WWII.  In 1943, After a 3 month courtship he married Pauline, Miles’ GG.  After the war, he worked as a life insurance underwriter and had 2 daughters, and later four grandsons.  Dexter loved his grandsons, and enjoyed taking them to see the Baltimore Orioles play, contributing to Tim’s love of baseball.  He was an avid golfer, talented artist, and respected member of the Jewish community.  Dexter passed away Thanksgiving week 2001, after battling cancer.  I was with Tim when he received the news; it was our first major holiday together.  I remember the stories he told of his grandfather that week, before going to Maryland to sit shiva.  I personally never met Dexter, but his namesake lives on in our little baby Miles D.

As you know, we kept the gender of Miles a surprise until he was born.  So we also had lots of deliberation over girl’s names. But we’ll have to save that story for another time.