I’ve been reading a lot recently, especially with the loss of my laptop (it went away with the AMD badge).  Reading is a nice quiet activity I can do while Miles naps or nurses.  My technique for selecting books at the library is to go through the “new” section and pick up books with interesting titles or covers.  There are fiction and non-fiction, and I especially like to pick things off the rolling carts at the end of the aisle – these are either the newest, or they have been checked out recently, which I take as a good sign.  I’ve been averaging 12 books a check out, and I go almost biweekly.


Last week, I checked out a book called “29 Gifts”.  Its a memoir, written by Cami Walker, a young woman afflicted with MS.  “29 Gifts” refers to a prescription given to her by a healer to help her deal with her situation.  The idea is to mindfully gift something each day for 29 days, and your heart will be opened to receiving and to experiencing gratitude.  I love this idea, and loved the book.  In fact, she started an online community 29 Gifts where she and others who take on the “challenge” record their experience.

So, I’ve decided to take it on.  I do not plan to blog about it, on this site or hers, but record my thoughts in a journal next to my bed.  I hope to open my mind and heart through this exercise.  As a new mother, I feel I am constantly giving – to Miles, to Tim – but often at what I consider to be my own expense.  This leads to negative energy, which is the last thing I want for my family.  It’s not something we like to talk about or even acknowledge, but I imagine a lot of new mothers experience these feelings.  My goal in going through the 29 Gifts exercise is to alleviate some of the guilt and resentment I have built up, and replace it with an abundance of positive, loving energy.  I also hope to learn to give graciously, and in turn receive graciously with gratitude.

I invite you to join me in the 29 Gifts challenge, and I’ll let you know how it goes for me.