What a month!  Miles resembles the tomatoes in our yard, growing like a weed and with fun changes every day (although he is not yet bearing fruit).  I just hope the squirrels continue to leave him alone.  Some updated descriptors from the last month:

  • Holy Roller! Miles learned to roll from his back to his stomach, and does this about once or twice a day.  He has also flipped the other way, stomach to back, although never while I am watching.  I read once babies learn this trick they get obsessed with it and do it all the time, but Miles seems to be content in only rolling when it serves him.
  • Coo Bear. Miles has upped his cooing, adding Grrr and MaMaMa sounds to the mix.
  • Peddler.  On his back, he will pump his arms and legs, looking like a flipped turtle (or a half-squashed roach, Tim pointed out).  While on his belly, he tries to crawl with his legs, resulting in either the plow scootch or a modified downdog using his head instead of arms.
  • Funny Man.  When not super tired, Miles is all smiles and giggles.  How did I live without this?
  • Player.  Not yet a player with the ladies, but with toys.  Miles has really discovered toys this month, and will spend some time on his mat batting at his animals, or trying to get them in his mouth.
  • Sucker.  Miles loves to suck his thumb, fingers, fist, my finger, the Ergo, a blanket, Sophie the Giraffe, pretty much anything he can get in his mouth.  Except a bottle.  Still doesn’t like to suck on that.
  • Drool Bucket.  It’s almost time to break out the bibs.
  • Texture Scratcher.  This one is weird to me, but he opens and closes his hands, scratching at different materials like a cat getting ready to nurse.  I’ll hear him scratching his crib sheets before going to bed, or my shirt while he is nursing.  Very odd.
  • Mom-beater.  I really can live without this one.  While nursing Miles will pull back a big roundhouse and wham! into my chest, over and over.  Picture an 8″ straight arm with a balled up fist helicoptering round and round, slamming into my breastbone.
  • Easily Distracted.  I guess this goes with the whole awareness theme here, but any little thing (did you cough? laugh? turn a page? is the fan still there?) gets him to look.  And if I happen to be feeding him at the same time, Miles will leave me out there high and dry, while he gets a little shower.  (P.S. Nursing moms – how did it take me 4 months to learn about the scissor clamp to stop the flow?  I now wait with my peace fingers at the ready – if they are not holding off the roundhouse.)
  • Scare-dy Cat. Certain sounds this month have startled Miles and caused him to break into a brief fit of tears: a Harley going past outside, a table of people errupting into laughter, me blowing a strawberry on his belly, etc.  We hope he grows out of this one and isn’t becoming a pansy.
  • Early to bedder. Miles has a new self imposed bedtime, and if we are not actively trying to get him to sleep at 7:30, he starts to meltdown.  This means that Miles is now going to bed before me!