Paradoxically, the only member of our family not suffering a hair loss crisis at this time is the 32 year-old male.

Miles was born with a decent head of strawberry blond locks.  We didn’t know where the color came from, but the hairline was totally me as a baby.  By the time Miles was 3 months, the top had grown to a good 3 1/2″ length, and there was a bald ring around his head, the opposite of male pattern baldness.  The thick “mud flap” remained in back, below the ring.  By this past weekend, he was left with essentially an oval of hair atop his head, which served as a comb-over for the completely bald sides.  It was time to do something, so yesterday Miles got his first haircut!  I did it in the back yard and even thinned the mudflap a bit.  He looks much more presentable now, and the hair left on top is much more mohawk- able.  After his cut, Miles had his first shower.

As for me, my hair thickened considerably during my pregnancy, and even grew out two red streaks at my temples (then Miles had red, this was so strange!).  Now I am paying the hormonal price – handfuls of hair after brushing and washing, clogged shower drains, and a desperate need to sweep the floor.  I’ve found my hair in Miles’s hands, feet, and around his neck.  When I remove my ponytail the bands are wrapped with hair.  At least I have no bald spots (yet), but I am considering a hair cut as well, maybe back to short?  I don’t know what is better for the equatorial Penang – the ability to ponytail, or wash and wear short?