Miles and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago for Elaine’s bachelorette party.  It was also a great chance to see grandma and grandpa Bolhouse, who drove in for the weekend to babysit while I went out.

Despite having a horrible seat-mate on the way out of Austin, the flying went very very well.  This is great news, especially considering what will happen on August 9 (34 hour journey to Malaysia!).  Miles does not like to be changed in an airplane bathroom, though.

It was cool and windy in Chicago, and while I was wishing I had brought my jacket, Miles seemed to be loving the chilly weather.  This is not good news, considering what will happen on August 9 (move to the equator).

We spent the weekend walking around the city, down by the lake, catching up with college friends and the bride to be, watching Miles be cute and eating delicious food.  The wind died down and the weather was perfect.

Its taken me a few days since getting back to get caught up.  Here are some pics from the weekend!

Me and Miles getting ready to fly.

Playing in the park with grandpa.

Miles at 16 will wish his mom had taken him to a bachelorette party when he was a little older… I didn’t get any pictures of him at the party, though!!  Here’s one of the girls:

Strolling along the lake.  Good time for a Miles nap.

Playing at the hotel – propped up sitting!  Big boy!

A bath at the hotel.  There will come a time when he will not fit in a sink!

On the lake by Soldier Field.