We spent last weekend in Louisville, KY, celebrating the marriage of my dear friend Elaine to one lucky guy, Dan Hart.  In the week leading up to the wedding, Tim and I sampled some Louisville fare at home to gear up.  I was helping Elaine “test” some recipes she would be distributing on cards in the hotel gift bags.  Let me tell you, this is not the way to gear up for a slightly small bridesmaid dress.  But oh well.  The kitchen counters were loaded down with bourbon, sugar, corn syrup, toasted pecans, and did I mention bourbon last week, and then our stomachs were loaded down as well with Hot Brown, Bourbon Balls, Mint Juleps and This Pie.

This Pie.  You take my favorite pie ever (pecan), inject the gooey part with bourbon and add a layer of dark chocolate between it and the toasty pecans on top, and you get Derby Pie.  I used a whole wheat pie crust that added even more crunch, and deeply toasted the pecans before mixing them in.  This makes a big pie, so bust out the 10″ pan, or reduce all the ingredients by 1/3.