…something changes.  I know this is parenthood.  I am 5 months old hat enough to know that.  But that doesn’t mean the impending change won’t knock me down like a freight train when it comes.

We were on a good schedule: three naps a day, in bed by 8pm, one middle night wake up and then up at 6:30 or 7 to do it all over again.  Now all that is out the window.  Was is learning to push up on straight arms, looking at all the world has to offer?  Log-rolling around?  Teeth?  Growth spurt?  Or the fire ant bites all over his forearm that I feel horrible about because I know how annoying that can be?

Its been three days now, and the refusal to nap after hourly wakings at night have worn me down.  I’m exhausted, and frustrated.  But in a way, relieved.  After all, the one certainty is that this will change, and a new “schedule” will emerge.  Hopefully we don’t have to wait until I get used to this one first.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Miles is asleep, and that means I better be too.