We are back in Austin now, after 2 weeks on the Miles Roadshow.

First we went to Colorado, where we got together with Tim’s whole family, four generations worth!  Miles’s GG (great grandma) was there from DC, G’ma & pa from Boulder, all three uncles from OR, CO and NYC, two aunties (one official, one unofficial), and two cousins were all under one roof for the 4th of July weekend!  Needless to say, it was a blast!  We had meals together, went to parks and for a hike, played together and were part of a neighborhood parade.  It was a great trip, and wonderful to have the whole family together.  Most of the pictures are on Tim’s camera (and much better), so give me a few days on those… here’s one of us hiking:

Then we were off to Michigan, where Miles met three more great grandparents, some great-aunts, uncles and second cousins, and saw his Grandma and Grandpa Bolhouse and two aunties. We spent time in Detroit and at the Cottage, playing in the lake and on the boat (although he hated the restricting life vest).  Tim left early to make a quick trip to Shanghai, and Miles and I took long afternoon naps in the hammock that was tied between two trees, shaded but over looking the lake.  Several mornings, grandma and grandpa Miles-sat while Angel and I went running down back roads and trails around the lake.  We had perfect weather and it was great to relax.

It’s good to be back in Austin, with three weeks before we head off to Penang.  Our plan is to stress as little as possible, see as many friends as possible and eat as much texmex as possible before we go.