Half a year now that we have been blessed with the presence of our little boy, Miles Dexter.  He has come so far from the tiny, wrinkled newborn we brought home that January day.  It’s amazing to me the daily developments and changes he goes through, and it’s wonderful to watch him learn.

Some of this month’s highlights:

  • Watching Miles interact with other kids, especially his cousins.  He gets so excited being with them, and I attribute so many of the things he learned to just watching them!
  • Mobility.  This boy is on the move!  He is pivoting on every central axis he has, spinning like a top.  He also started the army crawl and can move across the room after something on his tiptoes and elbows.  He can climb out of the co-sleeper (crib only for naps now, with lowered mattress), and has pulled him self up to standing in the bathtub.  All I could think was “yikes!”.
  • New world view.  He can sit and play now, with no support.  Each day he lengthens the time he can sit alone.  I have to put him this way, he can’t get to sitting on his own yet.  This also means he gets a high chair at restaurants and that I don’t need to carry the (super heavy) infant carseat any more.  Yay!!!
  • Vocalizing.  We entered the teradactyl stage – with long, happy screams coming from his mouth.  He also cries starting with mamamama, which tugs at my heart strings.  After spend a week with my family (constant talking going on), he upped his talking too to fit in: Rarararara.
  • Getting what he wants.  Be it a magazine to rip up, my cell phone, hair or glasses, Miles is relentless in gaining access to it.  It is so cute how he stretches his body and reaches for something, patting his hand on the ground/table as though to lure whatever it is in.  And of course directly into the mouth it goes.
  • Eating foods!  Speaking of into the mouth… Miles has tried a little banana and avocado, and is not necessarily swallowing much, yet.  Hence I learned that banana makes the worst clothing stains – ever.  It’s fun to watch him experiencing new things, and I love cooking, er, mashing for him!
  • Sleep.  I wouldn’t exactly call this a “development”, and especially not a “highlight”.  I don’t know what’s going on (teething? traveling? things interesting him?) but Miles went from being a good sleeper at 3-4 months to being a horrible sleeper at 5, and now he is also a terrible napper.  I’m exhausted, reading all the sleep whisperer information I can get my hands on, and praying this is just a stage.  We’ll get through it.