Did I tell you all about my diversionary pregnancy quilt?  When I was 8 months preggers, I decided that instead of working on the nursery, or prepping meals, or working on a registry, learning baby CPR, or getting out to the movies, that I would make a quilt.  Hence, I have 10 yards of fabric cut into 4″ quilt squares sitting in a bag next to the sewing machine.  Miles was born before I pieced anything together.

A trend emerges.  We are moving in 12! Days! and I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to “fix” Miles’ sleep habits.  Hence, 6 baby sleep books opened, dog-eared and bookmarked next to the bed, two trips to the library, and two tired parents who were up most of last night working on the baby Whisperers version of cry-it-out.  Ouch.  Never mind that I need to pack, prep and socialize with friends we will be leaving for 18 months.  Or that Miles is having the most exciting month developmentally (crawling! plank! pulling up! solids!) and any sleep training will be out the window with jetlag.  I think I just needed something.

So, I realize I need to chill with the diversions and get down to business.  It’s becoming more and more real as I pack up the salad spinner and go to the tea towel to dry the lettuce.  I canceled my gym membership and we sold the car.  I have boxes and suitcases, and a list of first aid necessities to get from Target.  One more haircut and trip to the shoe store.  A few days left to spend with a sister within driving distance.  One more quart of chocolate coffee brownie ice cream to share with friends (T&D – this one’s for you).  A few trips to Barton Springs, loops around Town Lake, and breakfast tacos to be had.  And one baby’s sleep issues to be solved.

Miles Creates his own Diversion