Miles ate spinach yesterday for the first time – and loved it!

See the resemblance?  Actually, i think Miles looks a lot like Tim in this picture, and people have been saying that more recently. 🙂

Actually, Miles and Popeye do have  something in common besides their love of spinach. (BTW, I am so proud of Miles and his love of greens!)  Since day one, the word most commonly used to describe Miles is “Strong”.  Whether he is demonstrating head control at 2 weeks, trying to move along at 4, grasping your finger (or hair, ouch!), or trying to execute a pull up while supporting his body weight suspended from a bar (seriously, it reminded me of those Russian babies with 6-packs), people most often exclaim “He’s so STRONG!”  To avoid building some strange Incredible Hulk persona in him by age 5, I have tried to remind people: “and he’s smart, and he’s funny, and he has potential”.

I think a lot of babies get labeled, be it “she’s so CUTE!”, “he’s so ACTIVE”, “DETERMINED”, “look at that HAIR”, or “those EYES”.  I don’t think it really causes the development of stigmas (I will report if Miles asks for a free-weight set for his 3rd birthday);but it does help me to realize how unique these little people are, so young with their own stand out traits.  Before having Miles, I think I viewed most babies as, well, just babies; all pretty much equal.   Now I enjoy these special qualities that offer a little glimpse into the big kids and adults our babies will become.