When Miles was still nursing/sleeping/pooping/repeat in the early days I spent a lot of time in bed, reading.  One book I read was called “Diaper Free Baby”which explained a method where you essentially potty train (parent train) from day one, looking for cues in your child for when they want to go, creating a signal, then cuing your child over the receptacle of choice for the drop.  The premise is that no child wants to sit in hiswaste (remember getting soiled on at changing time for the first few weeks?  the peepee teepee did not go unused).  We spend the first couple years training him to go whenever the need arises into a diaper, constructed with all the modern technology available to make sure he stays dry and comfy after the deed, only to turn around when its time for preschool and tell him don’t just let it fly any more, be conscience of it, hold it, and go in a scary sounding flush toilet.  I thought this made so much sense, except being in the presence of a 6-week-old at the time and knowing his habits and demeanor, I thought anyone who tried to potty train before walking/talking was pretty nutso.

"Pooping Miles?"

But then I started paying attention.  That far-off gaze accompanied by shallow grunts was often followed by some kind of explosion, one that sometimes called for the emergency purchase of a new outfit.  I began to develop a “signal”, asking “Miles pooping?” when he was obviously pushing one out.  He would respond with a knowing smile (you know that smile… irresistible, even on a baby with a full diaper).  My inspiration to finally pull off that diaper at the first sign and hold him over a toilet came from a friend whose daughter had self-#2 trained at 6 months.  I figured, why not try?  Worst that would happen is I would get pooped on, and it wouldn’t be the first time.  And…it worked!  I put him on, said the magic words, and waited maybe 90 seconds before he was done.  I was astonished.

It’s been 3 weeks now, and I have to say it’s pretty nice.  We use cloth diapers, and I have shifted to washing only 2x/week.  The best part is Tim thinks this is fun and always takes Miles to the bathroom if he is home!  Now that Miles started solids, its a pretty predictable schedule – once first thing in the morning after nursing and once after the afternoon nap.  He’s not a diaper free baby, but I do love not having to clean up the messy messes.

The diaper free solution is used all over the world (can you imagine China or India using disposable diapers??), so it’s pretty good timing with us moving back to Asia.  You might see this baby in split pants yet!