Our first few days in Penang have been filled to the brim with apartment hunting, learning our way around, driving on the other side of the road, getting cell phones and challenging our self control at delicious eateries (dim sum! sushi! indian!!).  Miles has been along for the ride, literally, in all of this, and has been such a trooper.  He’s spent the majority of time either in the carseat or in the Ergo carrier, as the roads are not exactly suitable for strolling.  I have to say the little fellow has taken this move in stride.

We were really worried about the 34 hours of transit on the way over here, and worried about those who had to sit around us for the 3 legs of our flight.  Flight one went great AUS->LAX at 7:30pm, and Miles slept for most of it in his carseat.  I also got some zzzz’s.  Fourteen hours on to Hong Kong went 75% ok.  He slept great in the beginning – no carseat so we made a nest of pillows and blankets on the seat in between us and he snuggled down until about 9am Austin time, which was good.  There were 7 hours of the flight left, and it was 10pm Malaysia time, we needed more sleep!  I think he got 2 more hours, only by me holding him and laying across 2 seats.  We got a hotel in HK, which was wonderful, and more napping ensued.  Then he fell asleep on the plane to Penang which left at 3pm and proceeded to sleep until we got to our temporary apartment around 8pm.  All in all, I was impressed with how he handled the travel, and started to worry about jetlag.

Miles is definitely not on a schedule yet, and part of it is our doing, having him out all day and late evenings without regular naps.  The first night was short (9:30-5am), but the last two have been super long, starting at 6pm and 4pm and going 14 hours with one hour-long-middle-night-is-it-morning-yet? wake up.   We’re trying today, I just put him down at the regular nap time (8:30).

His new trick, which started before we left, has been perfected and it now takes Miles about 5 seconds to pull up to standing anywhere.  Which means when he cries at night I often find him standing up in the crib.  I’m not sure if he is crying because he wants me, or if he just can’t get down!  In any case, I have to really watch him – he will let go and crash with his head on the hard tile floors after pulling up on the bed, or my leg, or the chair, etc.