While we were in Shanghai, Tim developed a habit.  Most afternoons he would fuel up with a zhen zhu nai cha, Taiwanese bubble tea.  Regardless of the fact that nai cha is typically a girlie drink, Tim also had his mostly-male colleagues headed to the Jia ke to pick up a 3RMB (40 cents) cuppa.  Hot in winter, cold in summer, full of sugar and caffeine, this was a perfect pick me up.  This continued until we researched the nutritional information of the beverage with glutenous pearls.  In short, it is devoid of any redeeming qualities and packs a 400-empty calorie punch.  Ouch.  Nai cha stops were limited to special occasions only.

Three days into our stay in Penang, and Tim has developed a new habit: coconut.  Specifically, young green coconuts (so impressionable).  The top is hacked off, a straw is inserted, the juice sucked out, then the ‘nut is split in two, the flesh scooped out for immediate consumption.  A whole coco sets you back 2.60RM (75 cents), and we have a drive through joint 2 blocks from our temporary apartment.  Today he researched the nutritional stats of coconut and found it to be essentially natures perfect food. Coconut water is superhydrating.  Although extremely high in saturated fats, the flesh is heart-healthy and reduces the risk of basically every disease.  One article stated it is only second best to breast milk as a source of lauric acid.  Internet searches let you read all about it.  Despite the 33g of saturated fats, I think Tim will continue this habit, at least for the time being.  Drink up!