I was a little concerned about breastfeeding in Penang.  In Austin I felt totally comfortable doing it anywhere.  I hoped that with a little bit of covering up, turning my back and being discrete, I wouldn’t run into any issues.  Luckily, I have been totally shocked and pleased at how accepting people are.  Example: yesterday I went to a market of the veg, fish and fruit variety followed by a hawker stall area for lunch.  In the course of this hour, I had at least 5 people, all women comment to me about breastfeeding.  Some asked what he was eating, when I told them I nursed him I received thumbs up.  During lunch, he was hungry too, so I fed him a little while seated at the table.  After, an older woman said to me “Breastfeeding?  Good.”

It made me wonder if there has been a recent campaign for mothers milk here.  I have noticed a lot of natural baby stores too. I am so pleased to be in such a supportive setting while I continue to nurse Miles, which I hope to do until he is at least one.  Of course, I will continue to be discrete, stayed covered up.  But feeling OK to do this in public is a great weight off my shoulders.