I have a feeling my food posts are going to lean away from “what I cooked at home” towards “what we ate on the streets of Penang”.  Hope you all are OK with that. 🙂

Saturday morning, Tim, his colleague, Miles and I went out for dimsum.  This is the closest restaurant to our temporary apartment, and we’ve been there twice already.  Like most places, the dining area is outside and not much to look at, and the food is hot, fast, cheap and delicious.  There were about 200 tables, and a front cafeteria style kitchen where we went to select the dishes.  There were some carts moving around, but I suspect with so many people, they found it best to keep the food near the kitchen and just keep pumping it out.  Tim’s colleague is from Spain, and likened the style of eating to tapas – take what you want and at the end they count up the plates (in Spain its toothpicks) left empty on the table.  We ate dumplings and rolls, noodles and deep fried crispies, and everything was amazing.  Our bill was about $12 USD and we were stuffed!