After arriving in Penang Wednesday night, we went out Thursday at noon to look for a place to live.  Stephen is our agent and he had shown Tim around before.  We had 8 properties on the agenda for the first day, focused in the Gurney area, which is on the northern coast of Penang.  This is one of the best areas for expats, but unfortunately is a little far from Tim’s office.
The first place we saw we put on the top of our list and it stayed there.  One Pesarian Gurney (1PG) is at the end of the Gurney drag, is well established (in other words, its not new), and is special because of the grassy grounds with a little jogging path.  The apartment itself was newly renovated and had a gorgeous kitchen, nice master suite, and ocean views.
The second place we saw was the only other that we seriously considered.  Located next door, Eleven Gurney was our “dream” apartment.  Bright, open and airy, it has floor to ceiling windows on a 270 view of the ocean, city and hills.  There was an open patio for private outdoor space.  The pool is on the 4th floor and is 50m long.  And all of this outdoor wonderland was easily accessible by balconies. Now, babies and balconies do not mix.  Especially with a climbing baby and a balcony with eight access points that is constructed with slats 6 inches apart like rungs on a ladder.  Not on the 5th floor, and especially not on the 34th floor (although a fall from either height would be equally fatal, I’m sure).  We decided that 11G was not for us.

Imagine Miles on this.

On Sunday we moved into our new home at One Gurney.  So far its been great, we have wonderful local landlords who have been responsive to our requests.   Also, there is the best washing machine I have ever used.  We are on the lookout for a maid, so hopefully I won’t be using it for too long 😉  Pictures of the new place coming soon!