I think we contracted a travel bug on the flight over here.  Thirty-four hours in transit, all those public bathrooms and recirculated air, we were bound to catch something.  I noticed it a few weeks into our stay here.  We had a 5-day weekend and were sitting on a little island with an international airport in the middle of a travelers paradise with hundreds of enviable destinations, with NO DESIRE to go ANYWHERE.  I made a half hearted attempt to book a trip to Bangkok, but never experienced that adrenaline fueled excitement that leads to hasty discount flight booking and dog-eared pages of the Lonely Planet.  Two weeks later, the same thing: Four day weekend, lots of opportunity, no motivation.  We were certain, we had a travel bug.  Some strange sickness that leaves us without itchy feet, some kind of complacency where staying put sounds good.  I hardly recognized us!  I mean, wouldn’t you want to sit next to this little travel bug a little more often (sorry about the picture re-post, its just too cute!)?

Well, the good news is that we seem to be through the worst of it.  We created a travel wish list and assigned dates to upcoming trips.  Then the sure sign that all was well: me in front of the laptop, tens of tabs for budget airlines open, credit cards and passports at the ready.   And now we’re booked!  Travel plan for the next 6 months:

  • Early November: Kuala Lumpur
  • Late Nov/early Dec: Western Australia
  • Early January: Thailand
  • Chinese New Year: Singapore
  • Late March/Early April: Austin (hopefully)
  • With a few local road trips thrown in: Ipoh, Cameron Highlands?