It’s monsoon season here in Penang, which means it rains every day.  Unfortunately, this means there is standing water everywhere.  Which means mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are a nuisance, especially the crop we had last summer in our back yard in Austin.  In most of the undeveloped subtropical world, however, they mean more than just swatting yourself during a BBQ.  Malaria comes to mind first, but thankfully I have not heard of that being a problem in Penang.  What we have to worry about is Dengue Fever.

There are campaign commercials on the radio and TV warning people, and our apartment complex does mosquito “fogging” to reduce the bugs, but we’ve still met people who have contracted Dengue in Penang this year.  Without a vaccine or meds to treat the disease, the only prevention available is to avoid getting bitten.  We do all we can to keep the little bloodsuckers off our baby boy, using 10% Deet when we are out at sketchy locations (like the botanical gardens).  We keep the windows closed or make sure the screens are tight, and luckily being on the 7th floor means less buggies (mosqes have about a 100 ft flying radius, and mostly breed on the puddles on the ground).

But we can’t prevent everything, and Miles has been bitten a couple times.  These on the face I am pretty sure are spider bites.  It’s still scary.  One good thing is Miles is learning to swat at bugs (I saw him going after a fly on his face), but his reaction times are still super slow.  It’s us & Miles vs Mosquito for the time being, and praying the Dengue eludes us.