Miles and I want to take you on a tour of our place in Penang.  We live in the first real highrise apartments that came along on Gurney Drive in the early 90s.  Each floor has 4 units, and the floor plans are named.  Ours is Pine Green, which may have something to do with facing the strange 80′ pine trees that line this stretch of Gurney.
We love it here.  I’ve separately been told we are in the best complex, have the best floor plan, and the best landlord.  From these statements, I have determined that we are in the best apartment in Penang!

Please come along…


Please come in...



take off your shoes...



can I get you a snack?



or a drink?



I'll put on some music...



and then we can play!



Here's where Daddy works.



And where he stores the money.



Momma & Daddy's Room



and bathroom.



No Tub!



Here's Miles' dining room.



Good Night!






Can't wait to play soccer!



Gurney Drive.