Miles has now officially spent as much time outside the womb as he did in it.  If you look at the charts, technically his development has slowed considerably (18 months ago, he was doubling in size every 12 hours), but you could have fooled us!

Check out updates from this month:

  • Food! Probably the biggest change this month comes in food consumption.  He went from 2 tiny solid meals a day with lots of nursing to 3 big meals, 2 solids snacks and nursing only 5-6 times a day.  He will eat anything, and some of the combos I admit I find a bit strange (papaya & tofu, for one)  I follow Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food Diet with a super porridge in the morning, yogurt based lunch, and a tofu or starchy veg based dinner.  I give him some finger foods between meals, and he kind of has the pincher grasp going.  He can certainly get the stuff into his mouth.
  • Play. Miles plays constantly.  Luckily, he doesn’t seem to need “real” toys, what ever is in the kitchen cupboards or left around on the coffee table will do nicely.  Favorites at the moment include a box of clothes pins and a full laundry hamper (which he will immediately empty, frustratingly even when it is full of clean, folded clothes).  I am thinking of transferring laundry duty to him.
  • Communication & Verbal Skills. Miles said his first word – dada!  He was climbing around our bed about 2 weeks ago and went to Tim and said “dada”.  And then this week he said “mama”!  The verdict is still out if he knows mama is me, or if it means food. 🙂  This month his body language has developed significantly, he makes it very clear without words what he wants.
  • Motor Skills.  Still crawling, standing, and cruising with more confidence and grace, he almost never has a hard fall.  He has started to let go while standing, then balancing for a few seconds before holding on again, and can now “stand up” on his knees (like standing, but knees where feet would be, on the ground) and execute a pretty good squat.  He will walk along a bit if we hold his hands.  Our place is pretty well baby proofed by now, since he is into everything under 1m high, and uses his recent stretch out and tiptoes to get even higher.  As far as fine motor, there is the pincher grasp mentioned above, he waves “hi” and “bye”, and gives the sweetest open mouth kisses in the world, even to that beautiful baby in the mirror.  He can clap and use the sippy cup by himself.  I have a little feeling the clapping during meals might be signing “more” which we have been working on…
  • Sleep.  Sleep is going well, and I am so so relieved (and rested!).
  • Random.  Taking a break from toilet training at the moment, he started hating it…Separation anxiety is rough, so I just stay with Miles all the time, knowing one day he will not want to be around me at all and just trying to enjoy it while it lasts…No new teeth, which probably explains my comment about sleep above…Miles is ready for some new outfits; he’s been in the same five 9 mo Carter’s jungle collection onesies for over 4 months!  Hopefully the eating triggers a growth spurt and we can move into some of the cute new clothes he got from GG & Grandma Bolhouse!