We sent out the invite this week.  Keeping with the tradition we started last year, we are hosting Malaysian Thanksgiving for Tim’s colleagues.  This year there are a few changes.  One, we are in Malaysia.  Two, there are a LOT more of them (5 of us have had babies in the last year, and there are hirings & expats & visitors &&&).  Three, did I mention we are in Penang?  Where the turkeys are non-Halal and thus have to be smuggled in by our island wholesaler over the Singapore or Thai border.  Where our oven is slightly larger than a toaster.  Where it will likely be 85 degrees (big chance making that statement…its 85 every day!).  Where our largest dinner party included one couple and their 2 tinies.  50 people, 2 turkeys, and 3 cans of cranberry sauce I found weeks ago on a bottom shelf of the import aisle at our grocery store.  Ay-Yo.  Here we go.

I am menu planning this weekend, and picking up some of the non-perishable and/or deeply frozen components of the meal.  There will be stuffing (Halal this year! I am subbing chicken sausage for the pork in Linda’s famous recipe), mashed potatoes, sweet sweet potato casserole, green beans, and homemade pumpkin pie.  That last one is a tricky one, even if I wanted to cheat I couldn’t – no frozen pie crust, no canned pumpkin.  Making it all from scratch.

And of course there will be turkey.  I am going with the recipe I used last year, which yielded the most spectacularly moist bird I have ever tasted.  I am writing about it this early so that you all can consider it.  If you get a frozen bird, you need to start about a week in advance.  The method is a dry-brine, and I highly highly recommend it. I read about it on one of the food blogs I follow here.  My turks (all 30 lbs!) are in the fridge defrosting, and I have my salt at the ready.

Please comment if you end up using this method, or let me know how you are going to do your bird.  You can check back next week on the outcome of our Malaysian Thanksgiving.