Ten months old, and Miles is one happy dude. Lots of smiles, love, clicks and kisses.  We are so happy to have this little man in our lives.

Updates from this month:

  • Fine Motor Skills. This month was all about the point, push and pinch.  He is able to pick up all kinds of food to feed himself, plus use the sippy cup independently.  So, if he doesn’t need us to feed him any more, I guess we are just around  to clean up.
  • Gross Motor. No major developments (like walking) yet, but Miles has much more confidence on his feet, pushing around an office chair or the ottoman as a “walker”, letting go occasionally to stand for 5-10 seconds, executing the power squat to get up to standing, and walking along holding our hands to kick the soccerball 2 feet then go after it again.  He has also learned to play catch with daddy, favoring the kneeling position and the two armed basket catch.
  • Chaos to Order. I remember learning in 10th grade chemistry that the natural world order was chaos.  That has certainly been Miles’ MO up to this point.  We build a tower,  he knocks it down.  We put the toys in a box, he dumps them out.  I clean the kitchen, then all the pans are on the floor again.  This month I saw a little glimmer that this is changing.  A block or two goes back into the box.  He tries to put the ring back on the stacking toy.  Maybe one day he will come into the kitchen and clean it up!  Ha!
  • The food floodgates open. I had been super careful up to this point about what went in Miles’ mouth.  One new fruit or veg every 3-4 days to watch for allergies.  Well, now in preparation for our Australia trip, I thought it would be useful if Miles could be a little more flexible in what he eats.  This month he got chicken, lamb, wheat (bread), beans (hummous!), mushrooms, any veg, any fruit, and many things in the form of feed-yourself.  We are still shying away from eggs, since I have a slight allergy, but I think they will be next.  His favorites remain banana, fresh coconut and sweet potato, and they have been super useful in getting the other, not as temptingly sweet, things down.
  • Sleep.  Someone described Miles as a good sleeper the other day.  If you had told me 4 months ago that anyone would use those words to describe my son, I would have fainted.  But its true.  He is consistent on naps (3-4 hours total a day) and consistently sleeps through the night (7pm-5ish am)  We had a bout of early wakeups (4am is not OK) that were remedied by night weaning.  Speaking of, we are still nursing 4x/day, once in the morning and before sleep, but he stopped nursing to sleep.
  • Other.  Still just 2 chompers…probably at 10% success rate for the EC…his bye bye is the sweetest ever, and I think we are getting some “more” signs during meals.  New favorite is “ceiling fan” (pointing up, arm circling)…clings to momma like seran wrap…loves to take long walks in the stroller…story time is a wonderful time for him & dad, he loves to turn the pages and especially likes the very hungry caterpiller…not too much mama or dada out of his mouth recently, but lots of “ba! ga!” and other adorable sounds, including “click!” which I think he picked up because all old people click at him here.  In Miles’ language it means “I’m so happy to see you and be communicating with you.”  Which is exactly how I feel too.