Here’s a post from Tim:

Laurel has asked me to be the very first guest contributor to her blog with my marathon race report.  I’m sorry I can’t be the author of better news, but here goes.

2am start gun under the typical Penang oppressive humidity.  As I suspected, there were no mileage markers along the route, but fortunately I’d memorized my target splits for the 3 turn-around points along the course so I knew I was relatively on-target through the first 18K.  I also knew (but refused to admit) early on that I was in trouble due to the concerning return of left achilles tendon pain only 20 minutes in.

On the miles in between the very lonely trip across the bridge and back to the island, a breeze whipped up and a “cool” headwind quickly became a full-on Malaysian monsoon.  Torrential downpour ensues, resulting in running ankle-deep through the flooded streets for much of the rest of race.  Mental focus completely shot to hell.  The wheels really came off around the 30K point when every other muscle in my legs threatened to cramp from compensating all morning for the previously mentioned achilles soreness.  Every runner knows this lesson; compensating for an injury is a sure fire way to develop another, usually more serious one.

The mental transformation from race mode to survival mode complete, I was able to keep it together enough to finish up without stopping or walking and actually got a bit of a second wind at the end when the roads dried back up and straight-leg shuffle “sprinted” across finish line.  3:45:57. 66th place out of 1253.

Despite the disappointing time, I feel very fortunate to have gotten the chance to run this unique race in our adopted home town.  An experience I will remember, but probably never repeat.  Finally, I would like to thank my lovely wife for enduring my training schedule, including the occasional 5am alarm from me, not Miles crying.