G’day mates!  We’re off to Western Australia for a few weeks, so we will be decidedly absent from this blog for a little while.  We’re trading our 7th floor apartment in the tropics for a Hiace campervan and holiday park kitchens in the (frigid, to us) springtime downunder.  Here’s what we packed; I am considering leaving the thing on the right side at home – looks like trouble!:

We could have gotten away with a lot less stuff had Miles been cosleeping, exclusively breastfed, wearing tiny onesies, happy to cruise around town and nap in a simple sling.  In other words, had we made this trip 7 months ago when he was still a newborn. (Take note all those of you with tiny ones/expecting)  But that would have brought on a whole new set of worries 🙂

Check FB and Twitter for reports from the outback!