We are amazed each day how big our baby is getting.  Tim and I creep into his room and look at how much crib is occupied by Miles.  Invariably he is on his belly, one or both arms chicken winged out to the side, palm up.  The empty space in the crib reduces it seems like daily.  Here’s some updates on his last month as a baby … I think we almost have a toddler on our hands!

  • FIRST STEPS! That’s right, folks.  Miles took 6 steps when we were visiting friends in Australia, Tim and I were right there, on our anniversary.  Wow!  And then… nothing.  Guess he got a taste of it and decided he wasn’t ready yet.  To be honest, I felt the same way.  Then about 2 days ago he got really interested in toddling around like a drunken sailor, breathing HARD out of exertion and excitement and clapping for himself afterwards.
  • Electronicals/Botanicals -> Rocks/Mulch/Dirt/Sand. To be clear, it’s not that Miles is no longer interested in plants and plugs, it’s just that his obsessive desire to put them in his mouth has been replaced by an obsessive desire to suck on landscaping supplies of the mineral variety.
  • Feed me! This boy is an eater. (And a beggar)  If he sees food, he wants to eat.  He can down a banana in 4 bites.  He loves to be in control of the spoon, and will attempt to drink the contents of his bowl if he can get his hands on it.  His appetite seems to include an astonishing array of foods (and non-foods, see previous bullet).  I know the pickiness is coming, I am relishing in giving him lots to try now.  He also learned to drink from a straw, he took right to it the first time I put one in his mouth, which opens up a whole array of beverage possibilities, including juice, shakes and fresh coconut!
  • Teasing Teeth. Miles had 2 teeth tease him this month.  They broke through, then went back, created a blood blister, then back.  Now one is out and the other is silently taunting.  Tooth count: 3.
  • Sleep. I checked the most common words on my FB updates for the year: sleep, sleeping, morning, and night were in the top 10.  Ha!  I am obsessed.  It’s going fine, in spite of the teething.
  • The chaos to order trend continues. Now, it seems much more fun to put the blocks in (after dumping them all out, of course).  He loves to put the top of the tupperware on, and has once or twice figured out that the triangle block goes in the triangle hole.  No progress on dishes or laundry, yet.
  • Coming up… We’re looking forward to Miles’ first Christmas – in just a few days!  Then we get a visit from Auntie Angel and Uncle Criag, followed by more stamps in the passport – Thailand!  No plans yet for a first birthday party, but I am itching to make him a little smash cake for a hungry tiger.