We sent 2010 out with Transgender Jazz and welcomed 2011 with a Bollywood Techno bang at Bagan Lounge in Penang, alongside Angel and Craig, with Miles at home snugly asleep in his bed.  It was a great night, even though I only managed 5 hours before the snug in his bed little one was ready to get up and ring in 2011.

2010 was a year of change for me.  I became a mom.  Quit my job.  Moved to a new country.  Went from living near both sisters to one sister to no sisters.  I started baking and writing about food.  I started taking pictures!  I made new friends when Miles came around, then again when we moved.  I love change, it energizes me.  What a wonderful year.

2011 dawns in a different light.  A little of the island mentality has rubbed off on me, and I am looking forward to a year of staying the course, slowing down and enjoying my little family on our little tropical island.  Enjoy sometimes just doing nothing, our new friends and new cooking skills (more to come about my Chirstmas gift!).  Continuing to  do a bit (ok, a LOT) of traveling, a bit of running, and a lot of enjoying a tiny man and a loving husband.

A friend posted on her SAHM blog about life being so good, she feels a bit nervous.  Another friend mentioned she is so lucky she sometimes feels guilty.  I totally understand where they are coming from.  I am going to be conscience this year to enjoy it and take advantage of it.  Not take it for granted, not to feel entitled.  But to truly enjoy feeling BLESSED.

Happy 2011!