Hard to believe this little guy has been with us only a year, I can’t imagine life without him.

Here’s what Miles is up to at the 1.0 mark:

  • Walking! Miles started walking the day before his 11 mo birthday, and the last month has seen him go from drunken-zombie-stumbler to full on walking around.  It’s his preferred method of travel; I haven’t seen him crawl for weeks!
  • Talking! (kind of…)  After months of signing “more”, “thirsty” and “water” to Miles, he finally got it.  His signing vocabulary is about 12 words (including the all important elephant and ceiling fan), and it seems to have significantly reduced the frustrated pointing and screaming.  Miles also added yes and no (breathy yeah’s and nah’s) to his spoken words, and I may have heard a “nana” for banana yesterday.  Most oft spoken “word” is “dddttthhhiiiieeettt!!”, which seems to mean, “Oh wow! Look!”
  • Handed-ness. Miles is starting to show preference for one hand over the other.  He mostly uses the left as his pincher-picker-upper and Tim refers to the right as his “crush hand”, whatever goes in there gets pulverized and forgotten about, to be licked off at the end of the meal.  So, southpaw?
  • Eating. After dutifully and eagerly opening wide for anything on a spoon, Miles palate has developed to prefer anything that is on my plate.  We can get all the healthy purees down by camoflouging the porridge under a tiny cube of papaya or the lentils under a sliver of crackers and cheese, but I don’t expect this trickery to last long.  I suppose as soon as I use up the frozen cubes of puree and ground rice-bean porridge mix, Miles will be ready to just eat what we eat.  Still nursing 3x/day, but has taken to clamping down and leaving teeth marks the last few days, which will lead to some pretty quick weaning if it continues.
  • Teeth count: 4.  Guess what Miles got for Christmas?  His 2 front teeth.
  • Sleep. Ahhhh, finally.
  • Other. Lots of kisses and now hugs coming our way…Miles got sick for the first time – roseola, I think…he likes to pretend eat the banana in the stuffed monkey’s hand and the oranges in the counting book… loves reading and will bring book after book after book…started swim lessons and next week music class…