Last weekend we were whisked away to a surprise location to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  We ticked off possible destinations as the shuttle van passed the Langkawi and Jerejak ferry docks, then the airport until we were 180 degrees from where we started.  Then we headed up the mountains, stopping at about 700m above sea level at a private residence called Malihom.  The most wonderful surprise about Malihom is how within an hour’s drive, and probably 5 miles as the crow flies, we felt a million miles away from Gurney Drive, where the Chinese New Year preparations were in full swing.  Picture set here.

There was a spring fed pool, a little hut for each family, and a breeze chilly enough to warrant the hotel staff to bring us wool shawls during dinner on the patio.  The schedule consisted of meals, snacks, naptime, bedtime and pooltime (not too different from home), but was made special by the peaceful surroundings and proximity of friends.  We were there only 30 hours, but it was enough time to enjoy a glass of wine on the deck with friends, a leisurely stroll to one of the many lookout points over the island (ocean views to the N, E & W) to the chorus of several mosques’ call to prayer, and finally to exhale.