Miles is growing up so fast that even I have a hard time calling him a baby any more.  But he’ll always by our tiny little thing.  This picture pretty much sums up his life right now, smiling, playing and on the move, with a rock in each hand (he still LOVES rocks.  He is a boy, after all.)
What’s up now that he’s ONE!
  • Motor Skills: Walking, walking, walking and almost running! He can kick a soccer ball and throw.  He has started climbing into the pool by himself (yikes), but can also climb out.  He actually started climbing everything, and there are exactly 2 spot in our house that are free from Miles threat right now, but I think the middle of the table is about to lose that status as soon as he gets on top of a chair.  He spent most of this month with a runny nose, and our rhinoceros impression snort and snuff came in handy.
  • Communication: Signing up a storm, but no real attempt at any more words yet.  Even his “dada” has fallen by the wayside as he learned the sign for dad, which he represents by banging himself on the head (I’m with you, boy!).  The signs are cute, especially “where did it go?”, which is accompanied by a spoken “dtheet?”  He loves the Itsy Bitsy spider and asks for it by rubbing his fists together and saying “sssss”.
  • Eating: He tries his hand at feeding himself, and almost anything will go down if he brings it to his own mouth.  His favorites are grapes and raisins (gearing up to be a wine-o?).  I am still freezing meals for him, its so much easier to defrost something than make sure I have something Miles-friendly ready to go.  He has started associating the freezer and microwave with mealtime.  Woops.  On the weaning front, we are down to just one wakeup session a day.  I am willing to keep that up for a while longer.
  • Sleeping: Miles gave up the morning nap almost as soon as I started to embrace the hour free each morning.  He now sleeps for 2+ hours in the afternoon and (mostly) until 6am (11 hours) at night.  After months of 4:30-5am, 6am feels like noon.
  • Other. We do “shoe the old horse” before going out…he LOVES anything with buttons, including dad’s shirt…I taught Miles belly blow (raspberries, cute) Tim taught Miles titty tweaking (not cute when he is in the shower with me) and he goes around pinching his nipples all day…Several of his little buddies are talking and say his name “Myyy”, which is too cute…he has charmed all the vendors at the market and now gets free fruit everytime we go – I swear he knows when we are headed out, he refuses breakfast.

It was a great month, looking forward to many more!