I had the feeling this morning that I might be in a honeymoon phase of my life right now.  Let me set the scene: 8am, walking down a quiet lane pushing Miles in a stroller loaded down with all the Monday morning market spoils: locally caught mackerel, a freshly slaughtered chicken, fresh herbs and tropical fruits.  The sun is up, but is still low in the sky.  We pass by a corner breakfast stand, with motorbikes idling and old dudes drinking teh tarik eating nasi lemak.

I thought of this scene and looked at it though my eyes 20 years from now.  Young. Asia. Tropical island. Loving, involved husband. One little baby. Someone to clean my toilets. Apartment on the sea. Abundant travel.  In 20 years the little annoyances of day to day life will have sifted from the memory leaving just the good stuff behind, albeit a little faded.

I want to enjoy this time now as I will in my memories later, shaken free of the little things that I allow to interrupt.  Like teething, or even the proverbial spilled milk.  Enjoy this moment, and ignore the nagging feeling that it will inevitably have to end.  So far, my experience with life is that it just keeps getting better.  Enjoy the moment.