Before our big home leave, we made a quick weekend of a trip to Hong Kong.  Although this 48 hour stay will make it four times in one month we will make the flight between Penang and Hong Kong, and leave only 3 days before we turn around and do it again, our timing was intentional.  We met up with our friends from Shanghai via Austin and California who now live in Singapore.  She is a Hong Kong native and was meeting up with her parents, and invited us along.  Four years ago almost to the day, Tim and I had joined them on what turned out to be a culinary tour of her youth, with mere minutes between meals of all their remembered favorites.  This trip was a little different as we each had a toddler in tow, but we still managed to stuff ourselves while enjoying the cool, dry Hong Kong spring as we wandered between eating establishments.

Some of our trip highlights: Cafe de Coral for glutenous rice, noodles and congee…H&M!!!…Man Mo Temple, Tim’s favorite for the incense coils…Dim Sum…a wander around Wan Chai…bakeries…Victoria Peak…take away in the room after Miles went to bed…run up the Peak (Tim)…HK French toast (should I post this gut bomb recipe?)…Times Square electronics and clothing shopping…more congee, red bean soup and a rice noodle wrapped you tiao doughnut with soy sauce (actually really good)…a beer at a street side table…A LONG trip home, probably Miles’ worst flight yet, but then he slept until 7 the next morning, so I guess I’ll forgive him. 🙂