We were in Hong Kong Friday night when we got a call from my sister which prompted us to turn on the TV.  Awestruck, horrified, we watched as Japan went through two and a half minutes of stunned terror before the knowledge of what was to come put people in action.  There were tsunami warnings in Malaysia, but no threat to Penang.  Being in the region, though, we can feel the affects more acutely.  Many of my friends in our apartment are Japanese, and we had friends visiting Tokyo at the time.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

I remember learning about tsunamis from a collection of international short stories on audio tape we listened to as children.  The story was of a little boy who saw the water recess and he fled into the hills with his family.  I cannot imagine going through a natural disaster like that, especially now that I have more than just myself to try to save.

We continue to pray for the rescue efforts and survivors, and count our blessings.